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December 20, 2006 1:11pm CST
Its one of the most enduring film franchises ever. The name's Bond James Bond. Given that this is one of the most recognisable qoutes in the world, and that the film franchise based on Ian Fleming's books can compete with Star wars as one of the most successful ever, one might also conclude the name's brand, OO7 brand. It's survived a lot changes in lead actor starting from Sean Connery in Dr No (1962) to Daniel craig in Casino Royale currently playing, and its taken huge liberties with the original Fleming's novels. the secret of its enduring popularity is how well it has adapted to the half a century of rapid geopolitical and social change. fleming was prescient when he changed the name of Bond's principal antagonist from SMERSH a Soviet spy agency to SPECTRE, a purely mercenary organisation for terrorism and extortion with no particular ideological affinities. That anticipates the end of Cold War, a movement that's also evident in the films. While From russia With Love(1963) revolves around SMERSH, The Spy Who Loved Me(1977) features Roger Moore as James Bond taking on the baddies along with a comely female Soviet agent played by Barbara Bach, heralding a new era of Anglo Soviet cooperation. Bond shared many of his idiosyncrasies with his creator Ian Fleming an upper middle class womaniser hanging on at the edges of societies upper crust. That's why Bond has an arriviste and somewhat raffish air to him. He goes to Blades a club for newly rich that's slightly on the sleazy side and drives a flashy Aston Martin. While Roger Moore may have epitomised Bond as gently epicure, who gets his hair only slightly mussed up after saving the world from apocalyptic villains, the portrayal of Bond's moved on with Daniel Craig, who resembles a thuggish East Ender more than a raffish habitue of gentlemen's clubs. Craig's is an updating of the Bond imagery, representing not only the contemporary no holds barred war against terror as opposed to the more scripted contest between adversaries during Cold War, but also the more democratic temper of our times. If Bond likes his vodka martini Shaken not Stirred Craig doesnt give a damn about such niceties as if signalling he's moved beyond such refined club snobberies. If an iconic shot from Dr No was that of a bikini clad Ursula Andress emerging from the sea as she is ogled by Connery, Craig reverses this by emerging from the sea himself in a similar shot from Casino Royale. By continually renewing itself while sticking to the core values of the brand, the Bond franchise clearly has what it takes to go on for a while longer. So plz post your views regarding the topic Bond not only being a movie but a Brand.
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@ryan444 (207)
• United States
21 Dec 06
The Brand is doing quite well. You can market quite a few products with the Bond trademark and make a decent profit off of them. :)
• India
22 Dec 06
Well u r right man