Can anyone explain to me how you get paid with myLot

December 20, 2006 2:29pm CST
Can anyone explain to me how youget paid with myLot. I'm not sure I understand the how you get paid. What is the frequency of payments? Is there a minimun payout? Thanks
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20 Dec 06
As far as pay goes, myLot pays on the 15th of the month for what you earned the previous month, if you make the minimum payout, which is $10. I can give you some tips that I have found though. First, respond to as many discussions as you can a day. You need to make sure that you are responding to quality discussions, not just yes or now answers. Your responses need to be also be quality (not one's that are yes or no or choose one type). Second, try to post images with your responses. When you start discussions make sure they require more than just a yes or no answer. Sometimes I post 2-3 discussions a day, sometimes only 1. Third, make sure you reply to all the people that responded to your discussion topics. Say thank you...comment on what they said. This keeps your discussions going. Fourth, rate the questions you respond to, the replies you get to your questions, and any others you feel deserve a + rating or - rating. Also make sure you choose a best response from those that reply to your discussions. Fifth, tags are important, come up with as many as you can or that they will allow, that describe what your topic/reply is about. Also make sure and choose a best response. If you need any more help, I will do my best to answer. These are just things I have noticed that have helped me quite a bit. Welcome to myLot and have a great time. There are alot of wonderful people on here.