Read book's on you mobile !

December 20, 2006 4:45pm CST
Many users use their phone for calls, sms, make pictures, listen music, play games, but you can also use your phone to read ebooks, or e-documents, text files in any place. I find some FREE aplications that alow you to read books on your mobile. 1) TequilaCat book reader is a java midlet allowing to read books on ANY Java enabled mobile phone.Read books, keep references, tv programs, train and bus schedules handy, enjoy fun texts while idle. Students, don't forget of exams :) TequilaCat - Download & Install Page 2) ReadManiac is a midlet that lets you read large text files on practically all other JAVA-enabled phones. ReadManiac is bookreader midlet for mobile phones. With ReadManiac, you can search, download and read books using practically any mobile phone with JAVA support. Midlet comes in two versions: Standalone application (ReadManiac FULL) and midlet with emebeded book (ReadManiac LITE).Standalone application (ReadManiac FULL) is installed to phone once, and than used to search, download from internet and read books without a help of PC. Midlet has dedicated search engine for searching books in several on-line libraries. ReadManiac download these books directly to phone's memory. Once installed, it becomes library in the pocket. Midlet with embeded book (ReadManiac LITE) is built with ReadManiac Building Wizard on PC. Wizard embeds selected book into midlet. Resulting midlet that can be installed to phone and used to read embeded book. ReadManiac aims to be Commercial Quality Freeware. Happy reading !
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