Do you feel angry and stress when playing Dota?, especially in pub games.

December 20, 2006 9:54pm CST
yes i do, how bout you. i get pissed off with noobs easily. when toleration reach its limit i will often esplode by scolding them noobs. example of why i get angry: Situation A: noob: (chose a hero fast and go top lane fast) Solo please. 2 minutes later "1st Blood, noob has fallen" 5 minutes later "noob has fallen" noob has left the game... Situation B: me: bane you better sleep 1 during the fight and ulti the 1 we gonna kill noob bane: ok during fight, never ulti and never sleep. Even after 10 times you told him still the same. share your experience, really hate pub game cos when i join scourge almost 80% is losing cos sentinel always host with a few friends whereas scourge are full of noobs, some even GradeA noob.
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@dr4goon (23)
• Romania
4 Feb 07
what should i say,newbie players are always a problem,why not post a test question before starting the game,like name the recipe of an item or stuff like that there!That's one way of finding newbies.Or try saying before the game starts that if you are a pro player press alt+a if you want to stay in the game...:)
• Malaysia
6 Feb 07
thx 4 your response
• Philippines
1 Feb 07
I just hate companions who are not exactly a noobs but not a good team player. I don't like people who just waited to have a last hit on potential targets. But most of the time I enjoy the game than have frustration about it.
• Malaysia
2 Feb 07
i see...anyway thank 4 your response:)