why can't a girl like me get some champagne?

United States
December 20, 2006 10:34pm CST
My husband is eating Doritos and he won't get me more champagne. Champ-lame!! Do I deserve this? So I'm a little flamboyant, a little off-the-wall...but 86-ed in my own home? I don't this is called for. Unlike Carmelo, I didn't throw a sucker punch and then two-step backwards to avoid what was coming to me. Unlike TO...I didn't spit in my opponent's face. No...I simply mopped the floor, posted ads on Craig's list, got the laundry, bought champagne, entertained guests, stocked the fridge, contacted Time-Warner...wait a second, I'm a flipping saint! I even did Budukon. Is he even going to order food? I gave myself a Brasilian wax. ooouch!
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@paulick (533)
• Denmark
19 May 07
What do you want to say with this discussion????
@mizcheekz (178)
• United States
24 Feb 07
wow, you do sound like you did a lot, I say drink on, drink on. whether it's champagne or whatever else. in fact i'm having myself a cocktail right now while i do my thing on the computer and my husband watches basketball.