Please discuss about LIFE/LOVE and HAPPINESS

@rinaaus (1203)
December 20, 2006 11:54pm CST
Before we learn to speak, our true nature is to LOVE and be HAPPY, to explore and enjoy life. As little children, we are completely authentic. we listen to the silent voice of our integrity. Once we learn a language, the people around us teach our attention and program us with knowledge. With our attention focused on all the knowledge in our head, we no longer perceive the world through the eyes of love, we only perceive what we have learned to believe. By the time, we lost, conflict and suffer, and we have been looking for perfection that we have created what we should be. When i start to read this things i realize it's so hard for me to refuse my knowledge to live with truth and love and more happiness. HOW ABOUT YOU? WILL YOU REFUSE YOUR KNOWLEDGE TO BECOME WISDOM?
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