@deeps123 (150)
December 21, 2006 1:09am CST
I am now a days i dont understand what to do as i ve a fight with my b/f every second day we dont talk with each other even for 2 weekd we work together still we dont talk if i say something to him regarding to go anywhere with me he is not ready going with me but he is ready going with his friends and if dont like his friend i tell him that i dont like u r friend so dont go with him he shouts on me why r u saying not to go with him i have my own life why r u interffering in between and whatever he say me i try my level best to do that but why not he i dont understand we had our relation for last three years but things are getting worst day by day i dont understand what to do hw he will try to understand me as i love him a lot and i want him mine i myself is surprised whats going on because we dont even talk with each other even we r sitting together we r in the same team as well i dont like his room partner at all but he always say that he is my good friend and whatever he will say i whave to do that bec he is my room partner but he dont understand my value in his life now i am also not taking to him i am also busy with my friend
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