One language world !

December 21, 2006 2:10am CST
one language world .. what do u think .. we (friiends)were having a great debate on this topic .. weather to have only one language all over the world .. i dont agree with this .. but some of my friends are very confident in having such rule. in India we are having more than 24 language .. every state is having their own language .. students all over has to learn 3 language like state language, national language, and International language .. these 3 subjects starts from 9year to 15 year of age.. some of my friend feel that .. this is waste of time .. and a person studying in a country like india should learn only english .. so that he will comunicate in this world easily ...that will add an addition advantage to our country ,,, i am against this ... coz ... my mothertoung is "marathi" my national language is "hindi" .. If i am not studying marathi .. i think i will only comunicate properly (not always) but ill make a lot of gramatical mistake .. i some times could not read or could be able to understand what is written in some of our great time poets. remember culture or attitude always come from what we learn from, and that comes very easily from our own mother toung.. so im not saying no to english .. but dnt forget .. our regional language .. wht u say .. ?
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@tba123 (457)
• United States
21 Dec 06
I think a 1 language world would be easier. Then anyone going to another country wouldn't have to try to learn that language to be able to talk to the locals. Whether it be english or whatever language if there was 1 universal language then things seem easier.