life is boring

@jetling (233)
December 21, 2006 2:34am CST
sometimes i think that life is boring i wonder what to do for refresh in life, for which i practice meditation, it certainly help us in regaining mental peace.
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• Pakistan
19 Jan 08
Life is life and life is every thing and life is not more than life. Boring is the word which is just opposite of the word life. If some one is feeling bore, he or she is not passing his or her life as a living thing. Real life is to enjoy the life. Come then go, novelette of life, is just so. Here are toys, full of joys. O my chum, don’t be you mum, take it well, life is rum. Dear jetling. The lines I quoted here are taken from the poem which was published in my college magazine. Poet is saying that the life is name of joy. But you are saying that life is boring. No, No, if the life becomes boring we would not call it life.
@Willowlady (10666)
• United States
21 Dec 06
internet information - borng is not a word for this day and age.  things are all around that could be used to enrich your life.  just need to make an effort
Just can't imagine this life being boring. That is so fixable. First you meditate, I would imagine that it would open so many doors in your mind. Some you could share here. Then with the internet there is alot of information if you just look. I suggest you read books. You can find topics that you are interested in or just read for fun. Work can be interesting if you just look for the things that make you say HMMM.. Personally I do many of the things I mentioned to you and my life is so full of things that ask for my time. Just picking and choosing when allowed since some things do demand. Then they are done to my best abilities. Hope this helped!