How to make positive life changes?

December 21, 2006 7:16am CST
Clearly identify the change that you want to make. Be specific and write it down. Identify any barriers that may prevent you from making the change. For each one identified, develop a strategy for overcoming them. Identify and commit to what you will have to do differently to make the change happen. Remember nothing will change until your behavior changes. Identify and use a support system. Enlist the input and support of trusted friends and family members. In some cases, it is helpful to seek the advice of a counseling professional who can serve as a neutral source of guidance for you. Understand that change is incremental, especially on a large scale. Most change is slow to evolve. Celebrate the small successes as you move toward the bigger goal. Accept that the path to a permanent change is never linear. Roadblocks and setbacks are going to be a part of the journey. Acknowledge them and use them as learning opportunities. Stay positive. Be confident in yourself and have an expectation of success. just think about this and replay
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