Let’s Walking, for a Better Life!

December 21, 2006 8:28am CST
Physical exercise or sport is a kind of activity which is can give many positive influences to physical ability degree, if it’s done carefully and correctly. And generally this activity has many useful to increase the degree of health, vitality, and fitness. The benefits that we could get by exercise for health are as promote, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative effort, which are can observed from the physiology, psychology, and social side immediately or long phase influence. In health, there are many sigh of diseases, which could decrease by correct physical exercise. Even with all those benefits of exercise for our life, there are a lot of people that feel reluctant to doing some exercises; just because they feel that exercise are bored, painful, tired, and difficult activities, or they don’t have any time and equipment to do it. And life style that less of movement like that, could make a rising in the number of cardiovascular disease in younger age, metabolism problem, degenerative diseases, and so on. Principally, exercise is to keep our muscles move rhythmically, so all activities that could make any rhythmic movement of muscles could give treatment and good influence to us, and walking is one of the categories above, because walk is an activity that needs some movement from the cooperation of legs muscles, joints, and bones. Besides, walking can keep us healthy and fit if it is doing correctly, moreover its recommendation to medical patients who have a heart disease - such coronary, arthritis, obesity, asthma, etc.
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