What make you press the + (up arrow) on reddit ?

December 21, 2006 8:30am CST
What make you press the + (up arrow) on reddit ? Since I discovered reddit.com, I'm surfing this page every day, to find intresting articles, images, videos, etc.I have a blog, and i think i had some intresting posts on it, and i submited them to reddit.Some of them were succesful, other woren't.I get + votes, and - votes. Since i discovered this social bookmarkig website i studyed what people like most on reddit, and when they give a + ( or up arrow ) or a - ( down arrow ).I saw that people prefer to give more + on text links, and less + on video & images links.Maybe the images don't help them, just entertain them, but text articles give's them inspiration, lessons, and useful stuff. Personaly I prefer to give + ( or up arrow ) on things that improve my life. What about you ? What make you press the + (up arrow) ? Tell me your oppinion by posting a comment, i'm sure that me and others are interesed in this topic, let's hear some oppinions.The more the better.
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