The Troublemaker Brother

@lovandhi (547)
December 21, 2006 8:37am CST
This is story my friend : I have a brother, the different age with me 12 years. Now he is in the third junior school. He is very naughty, almost everyday disturb me. Whatever I have always be took away and destroyed, and after that we do smack down like in TV program. I always protest and complaint him to mom for his bad behavior, but my mom always protect him eventhough he made mistake. In a one day my boyfriend came, because of he's not stand with my brother's behavior, he went home and never come back. I am fed up and hate him, but the strange thing is when I was mission out of the city for a couple days, I home sick and missed my brother.Although he was naughty more than Matt, brother of Lizzy Mc Guare, but I loved and missed him. So I want to know your opinion, how to handle my brother in order to make him realize his bad attitude. My mom already gave up. Please, HELP my friend!!!!
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