Do you Indian's remember Charles Shobhraj ?

December 21, 2006 9:16am CST
I am from India andthis discussion is actually targeted mainly to those from India who remember Charles Shobhraj . If you remember , he was one of the most notorious kidnappers and extortionists in the history of crime .He worked in India and south east Asia . His main target was foreign tourists .His modus operandi was first to drug the target victim and then rob and kidnap him or her for ranson . He was chased for many years even by the Interpol . In his misadventures he killed some of the victims . After being caught he was executed life imprisonment . The most interestin part started then . He took up to write a Biography on a celebrated philosopher of France whose name I don't remember now . Interestingly enough , this philosopher also had the same type of criminal past . This much I got from a brief news item in a local newspaper a few years back . But no news on development of his biography project . From mylot members I would like to know more about it .
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