internet scams

December 21, 2006 10:06am CST
There are so many great sites in the internet offering massive profits to its members. Most sites require a little fee while others offer free membership. These sites are really tempting. Admittedly, it’s nice to read those testimonies of gigantic earnings and lives changed in an instant. But how do we know they are for real? Is there an organization or a body monitoring internet scams? Or is there a particular law on internet scams? What are “netizens” possible guards against these scams? If you know of sites that you think are scams, please let me know. let others know.
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• Ireland
28 Dec 06
I think the best thing is to look up the name of the site you're worried about + the word "scam" in the search window to see if bloggers or sites have posted info on whether the site is legitimate or not. Also its a good idea to read everything very carefully, if it's too good to be true then it's probably a scam. How many people you know give away cash to strangers for almost nothing in the real world, why would it be different on the net. I have looked for proper watchdogs but I dont know of any, I try to look for large reputable websites, newssites etc. their info tends to be trustworthy. Any good luck with the search for earners.
• Philippines
23 Jan 07
thanks for that bartolin. ill try searching for any info on scams.