Are u sensitive to violence,can any war end in peace......,are u a patriot?

December 21, 2006 10:34am CST
from the beggining of human civilization,we have seen that millions of people died due to innumerable wars that have been fought but the point still remains that no war has brought permanent peace in world. is there some problem in our understanding of solving problems getting into wars. one easily recollects that 1st worldwar made hitler,and 2nd worldwar,which further led to cold war,wat is us doing in iraq and all such other countries,would killing the leaders make peace. no ways ,terrorists will be formed from normal citizens of defeated countries. wat is happening in middle east,same people fight till the extent of their might,if not might become terrorists,not many leaders have got killed in wars,it is common people with job profile of a it right to kill our fellowcountrymen in the name of patriotism. is that the only parameter to judge ones patriotism,then why doesnt mr.bush fight in iraq.can ne one answer,would all this lead to peace
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@MrNiceGuy (4147)
• United States
21 Dec 06
OK, from your post I don't know that you are really on top of this issue. 1- World War I was not started by Hitler, that was WWII 2- Who is killing their fellow countrymen in the name of patrotism? What are you talking about? War will never end, there will always be war in the world. It is a part of human nature. Just like animals fight, humans fight, it just happens. There is no stopping it.
• India
22 Dec 06
WWI led to formation of hitler just bcoz of the injustice done to germany in WWI .this resulted in the anger and discontent which finally erupted in hitlers mass destructive ideas and WWII.u have misunderstood the point.ofcourse the leadership of all the existing countries who are in some kind of war ask their fellowcountrymen to fight as a soldier and u know in all the wars people from all the party's are killed.... Thanx for responding to the discussion.
@jen20619 (1302)
• Ireland
21 Dec 06
ive never taught about that stuff