United States
December 21, 2006 10:55am CST
I recently have 5 year old twins and when it comes to them picking up there toys and throwing things in the garbage they are becoming very lazy. I dont know what to do to make them undersatnd that I need them to help. I think that they are to young for chores but I want them to understand how to clean up after themselves.Please Help!
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• Canada
21 Dec 06
To tell you the truth, there wont be a way unless you give them something in return, so like a prize for doing something good, i would say candy, but that could rot the teeth after awhile and might become an addiction, show them that toys need to be put back if they want to play, so the next time they want to play, teach them to pick it up when there done, so before they start playing, Teach them by doing some examples, show them where to put it when there done, and if you have already done this and it doesnt get through there head, do the examples again, but this time, reward them with something, i would again say candy, but its up to you what to reward them with, or also dont let them play with the toys unless they learn to put it back in the place, so if they cry, tell them "Look put the toys back after when your done" and you yourself grab the toy put it there so they can start understanding, or another way is, have a basket on the floor with the toys in it, and that will be there lil storage area, so everytime they want toys its in there, and if they dont pick it up after teaching them, leave the basket there empty, and grab 1 toy and teach them again on what to do after then done playing, and if they start understanding, start putting more toys in the basket to play with. I hope that helps.
• United States
21 Dec 06
Ok thank you I will try that!