The true one meant some Christmas

@lumanci (1111)
December 21, 2006 12:05pm CST
The Christmas is for always, not only for a day, love it, the to share, the to give, I is not to put aside like the campanellini, the lights and the threads of silver in some box on a shelf. The well that you do for the other it is well that do to same you." * "The Birth pose its magic on this world. It observes: all it is plus sweet and more attractive." ** The Christmas is at the doors, all we are busy to get ready the nosto bell' tree of Christmas, to do gifts, that often I am of the too formality, to cook succulent lunches, however I think that the true sense of the Christmas is been distorted, like all has reduced to marbles of glass and sparkling candles. The true one meant; l' embodiment of the love according to plan, is alone become in memory take root in the tradition of our grandfathers to the Jesus child has replaced birth dad. Fermiamoci to reflect an atimo, the Christ has embodied in a humble stable between the poor that however gave also their that little that had, now however became alone a holiday for rich, who is not rich unfortunately is cut outside from the party. If for launches display of the actual richeses, a pure recurrence whose particularity are the reagali, the trees decorated and the lights for the roads. But is not this the meaning, I think that the children be the most pure, you are with their ingenuousness, wait for with anxiety the Christmas, for the gifts but above all for the aura of magic and of delight that alone the birth of the savior is able Prayer and in the help to the other, and ricordiamoci of that child of name Jesus that was born between those for those. The hope should remain in our hearts, the hope of a better world and affaciamoci to the window like children to wait for the christ. Puer natus east nobis (gaudeamus), that unfathomable mystery hides to the humanity this child...
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