do they need to ban gay people?

September 24, 2006 9:47am CST
i think they need to do it, as they ruin the future of our kids, and not all of that! they give a bad influence to me :( what you think about it
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@19541020 (63)
• Philippines
24 Sep 06
You are wrong about that! What and How do Gay people ruin your kids future? The future of your kids basically will root up from how you mold them into someone you can be proud of. That's what we call "upbringing". Maybe in a way, they do influence people "GOOD" and "BAD". That depends on how you let yourself be affected with what they do to you. Now, if your kids are guided on how to deal with such in their environment, then I think, it would not be a big deal. Do not forget my friend that "GAYS" are also human beings like us who deserve respect in this world.
@XuryaZ (479)
• India
24 Sep 06
ban them.