The conflicts between China and Japan!

December 21, 2006 2:20pm CST
As we all know that Chian and Japan are two contiguous countries which occupied about one fourth populationofworld,they also palyed most important role in the Asia.Unfortunately,there are many conficts between them ,then break off the peaceful atmosphere.Actually,Japanese should be responsible for their fault which they can not admit.They distorted the ture history and denied their crime,all that Japanese do hurt Chinese friendly feelings and go too far. Nowadays,the Japanese antagnistic attitude to Chinaese bacame more fearful.In my opinion,We must improve ourselves and become strong to antagonize Japan,because they refused friendship and defied all the time.China have to choose uncompromising attitude to Japan.I believe that we can win if the fight break out between these two counties. But on the other hand,we need learn something from Japanese.For example,the Japanese technology keep ahead in all of the world,their electronic productions and cars rank the high rate on world maketing,and China is the biggest market of Japanese production,it remind us of learning more to improve ourselves so as to we can resist Japanese production. In a word,Japanese is a depraved country,it will be defeat by itself because of betraying justice!
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