Professional manicures

@sobeit (57)
United States
December 21, 2006 2:27pm CST
Does anyone here have there nails done professionaly. I am a manicurist and I want to know how many of you find this an important part of personal care and grooming. Do you go just to have your nails look good for special occasions or is it a regular visit to keep up care for you? how many go to more expencive salons vs. what some call McNails? I am not a cheap manicurist. I have to many years of experience and keep everything as sanitary as possible and you pay more for those things.... How many of you look for cheap nails vs. clean? how many have a good manicurist that is cheap and clean.... Do you worry about infections? Do you have any questions on nail or skin conditions that your tech overlooks?
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21 Dec 06
Unfortantly.. I'm more of a tomboy and I enjoy working on cars. When I do get my nails done they look beautiful and nice.. yet they mess up esily. When I get them done, it's usually for a wedding or another important event. And when I get them done I go to my friends mother who also works in a salon.