Wasting Time to earn money on interent

@suryan (45)
December 21, 2006 2:31pm CST
Firends,Do you think you are earning lots of money on interent by doing different stuff.Ttruly speaking you are wasting lots of time.You are earning in cents but if you use the same time and concentrate on studies you will be earning in dollars tommorow.You must be thinking why I am telling all these things.As I have tried so much sites but now I think if I had studied instead of doing these time pass in which I gained nothing.Atleast in mylot you are writing,reading so your gaining the skills.You get so much information regarding to others view .What they think?But if you want to earn in dollars and euros instead of cents work hard.Do your studies.use interent surfing for studying which is more beneficial to you.And I know mnay of them will not like these advice but when you get through a stage where you can't think of your future at that time you will think.And I am sure atleast once you will reming these things written by me.Not all of them but atlease few of them get there mind refreshed and start thinking like me .I will be very happy.So start thinking.Have a nice day.
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@moneyseeker (1024)
21 Dec 06
I don't see why someone couldn't both study and earn money online - and not just cents. I've earned $600+ just using free blogs. The info is on my blog, in my Weekly Report, of what I have earned and from where. Mike. http://mikesmoneymakingmission.blogspot.com
@srhelmer (6930)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
21 Dec 06
Most of the time, if I choose to do something to earn money online I pick something I would be doing anyway. For example, prior to finding paid posting sites like this one, I was posting on unpaid ones. So, I'm not doing anything different than before but I'm now earning some extra money doing it.