Info on Minature Italian Greyhounds with lupus

June 20, 2006 3:04pm CST
We have a 41/2 years old minature Greyhound suffering with lupus that is attacking her internally. Her joints swell like there holding fluid and you can hear them crunch when you bend her leg.We recently tried a human drug on her and she had bowel problems, and stomach trouble and would not eat and had no energy. We had her on Prednezone and was wanting to wean her of it to give her a better quality of life. The drug we tried was Imuran. Is there anything else that we can do to try to give her a better quality of life. We had her to Vets in Anderson In and Indianapolis In. We finally took her to Purdue in Lafayette In and that is where we started her on Prednezone. Are there any Vets out there that could help her???? Our Vet in Richmond suggested A Dr. Speicer in Indianapolis. Can you give me any hope for JASMINE!!!
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