How Stupid Is the IRS

@tulwave (174)
United States
December 21, 2006 3:03pm CST
I have to say something about this. The IRS decided that it would allow private collection agencies to take part in trying to collect back taxes owed by US citizens to the IRS. The was a direct result of the financial contributions given to certain congressman by the collection industry. That is part of the old Washington Corruption game that has been going on for years but here is the catch. The private Collection agencies charge fees for collecting that money owed. A report was released that found that it would cost the IRS $61million to retrieve $56million in back taxes. So it will cost the Taxpayers $5million to do this. How Stupid is This? The worst part is that the IRS is going to send a letter to those who owe back taxes to let them know that a private collection agency will contact about the taxes. There is no system set up to protect the people against con artists pretending to be the collection agencies who are contracted to collect the money. If you owe back taxes you might get tons of solicitations from companies trying to rip you off for the money the IRS just told you to pay a collection agency.
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