cord blood donations

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@nhtpscd (1418)
December 21, 2006 7:03pm CST
I was discussing this subject with a friend of mine who is about to give birth . She is trying to decide if she will or won't She wanted to know why it is done who can it help etc. So I found this site and it helped her. I haven't had the opportunity my self to do it because since it introduction all mine have been preemie. Would you do it.
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@xXmeganxX (4422)
26 Jan 07
no i wuldn't in a way, i like to keep my babys cord because it brings back so many memories! :)
@nhtpscd (1418)
• Australia
26 Jan 07
I think some one just made up a response for the sake of it. You don't get to keep the cord. It is attatched to the placenta. sorry (-) being attatched
@carlaabt (3505)
• United States
29 Jan 07
I did donate my son's cord blood. It was very easy for me. My doctor is a big advocate of it so when I was only about 16 weeks along he gave us a sheet explaining all about it. He gave us a form and told us to sign it if we consented and that if we wanted to bank some for personal use, we could do both. So we signed the paper that day. We looked up information on banking it for personal use as well, but decided against it, mainly because of the cost. We're glad we donated, though. It was a nice way of my son getting a chance to help someone from very early on in his life.