What is the nursing management of patients having a tuberculosis?

This is a picture of a lungs with PTB - Tuberculosis
@dhaeo_09 (1007)
December 21, 2006 9:39pm CST
According to the book that I have red, Which is called compilation of communicable and infectious diseases by an unknown author the nursing management to this sickness is to: 1. Maintain respiratory isolation until patient respond to treatment 2. Administer medicines as ordered 3. Check sputum always for blood or purulent expectoration 4. Encourage questions, conversation, to air their feelings 5. Teach or educate patient all about PTB 6. Encourage to stop smoking 7. Teach patient to cough or sneeze into to tissue paper and dispose secretions properly 8. Advise patients to have plenty of rest and eat balanced meals 9. Be alert on signs of drug reaction 10. Emphasize the importance of regular follow-up examination
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