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400-way World Record over Udon Thani,Thailand on F - 400-way World Record over Udon Thani,Thailand on February 8, 2006
the Two years later and we were back in Thailand for what might be the last time. We held 400-way for 4.25 seconds. Wendy was not standing on the ground taking this picture with a big telephoto lens! She was in freefall below the formation; about a dozen other photographers are visible above the formation. 
The World Team "trilogy" of events in Thailand has enjoyed tremendous support from the Royal Family, the Royal Thai Airforce and the people of Thailand. For more details on this event see
December 21, 2006 10:29pm CST
how it is did u try this or think about it in ur life ? see the photo they look like a paper cutting u any iamgenatoin of these people. i am proud of these people, do u any great wordes to tell them? i wish them to do some more exitement in there life.
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