end of an era.....

December 21, 2006 11:02pm CST
the king of spin has retired from cricket.
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@kutchi (12331)
• Pakistan
22 Dec 06
yes , he he is a great leg spinner no doubt about he has lots of verities in his spin
• Australia
1 Jan 07
he last test is coming up in sydney this week. farewell the king of spin
@ossie16d (11827)
• Australia
22 Feb 07
Most definately the end of an era, at least as far as his playing for Australia goes that is. I suspect that he will end up back here in Australia and will be working with up and coming cricketers. Shane Warne was also a great tactician with regard to the game of cricket, and was said to be amongst the world's best in how he could read the other team. He is still playing County Cricket in the UK for the next 2 seasons and the word is that the England Cricket Team Officials want him to help their team with regard to bonding, team spirit, morale as well as bowling of course. I am not sure whether or not he will take it up though, because the Australian Cricket also want him for the same sort of thing. I guess it all depends on his committments with regard to County Cricket, although I cannot see him living permanently in the UK. He does, however, have friends in both countries and is respected as a cricketer and bowler in both countries so we can only hope that his ties to his own country are stronger than they are for the UK. Also it does appear as though he and his ex-wife might be reconciling and that will of course have some affect on his decision.