December 21, 2006 11:06pm CST
et me tell u a story.once dere was an island where all d feelings day it was found dat d island was about to sink..all the feelings escaped except love..when the island was about to sink completely,love decided to cry for help..she saw SADness and asked him for help,but SADness said'i am so sad dat i prefer 2 go alone.'den love asked HAPPiness for help,but HAPPiness was tooo happy 2 hear love.den love asked RICHness for help but it said'my ship is loaded with jewels,money etc,so dere iz no space'and went away..den an elder came and rescued love and took her to another island and was so overwhelmed dat she even forgot to ask d elder's name...later she asked KNOWLEDGE,another elder d name of d elder who rescued her.knowledge said his name is TIME and he rescued u coz only TIME understands d meaning of TRUE LOVE...TAKE TIME TO UNDERSTAND YOUR TRUE LOVE. TRUE LOVE HAPPENS ONLY ONCE IN LIFE ,,,, IS IT TRUE FRIENDS???
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@gscs1838 (1536)
• Malaysia
22 Dec 06
i believe true love happens many times in life. its all about learning from the people you love. everything happens for a reason. you can often convince yourself your in love when you really just love someone which is sometimes very easy to do. broken hearts make us stronger. and when you truely find the ONE you will know it without a doubt