Places To Make Love??

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December 22, 2006 1:37am CST
Places To Make Love by Sensual Love Editors/ Senti Mode Are you running out of ideas for new, fun and exciting places to make love? Try one of these ideas... In a public restroom In a movie theater On a soft rug near the fireplace On a secluded island beach In the backyard under the stars In the woods right after it rains On a train in the middle of the night On a motorcycle In bed with silk or satin sheets On the beach at night In your love's room while their parents are home In the rain In the woods on a blanket On a yacht during the full moon In the ocean On a trampoline On the top of a hill On a bed full of rose petals In the middle of nowhere In the car in heavy traffic In a hotel In a barn full of hay In an open field at night On the rooftop Under a waterfall In your partner's bed In the garage On a jungle gym at a park at night In the car going through an automated car wash On your patio or balcony on a starry night In the mountains of Colorado On an abandoned air field Under the full moon in the wet grass In the living room during the day with the windows wide open On a blanket on the bank of a lake In an elevator On the bathroom floor In your partner's parent's room In a sauna In a very big bed
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