my computer is not working properly. ?

@sand102 (368)
December 22, 2006 3:23am CST
the problem is that my computer perform very slow please any body hu have knowledge of hardware give some suggestion please.
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• Philippines
14 Feb 07
i think your memory is too have to defragment it or to clean up the disks..
@nvtellan (1907)
• Philippines
22 Dec 06
There are many reasons why a computer is running very slow. - either you have a very low CPU processing speed and it cannot easily handle the processing and loading of your Operating System and applications. Solution: upgrade your CPU. - either you are running low on memory will all these applications loaded all at the same time. Solution: upgrade or add more memory as long as your motherboard can handle them (i.e. more memory slots). - either you haven't defraged your hardrives after doing heavy copying/deleting/moving of files and/or installing/uninstalling programs and softwares. Solution: Defrag your drives. - either you have a virus or spywares or backdoor programs running in the background. Solution: Install/update your anti-virus and anti-spywares. Install a firewall is a good addition. - either your computer is shared in a network and there are other users accessing your shared file/folder (worst, you are probably being hacked). Solution: Check if you have folders shared to the network, unshare them. I think there are plenty more reasons why a computer is running slow but right now I'm kinda pressed on time and I need to go.
@psyd_1 (470)
• Philippines
22 Dec 06
maybe you wanna disable some of the running services..or maybe try to upgrade it...
@ansarkhan (2427)
• Pakistan
22 Dec 06
What is Your computer configuration
@cr1st1nel (3567)
• Romania
22 Dec 06
The first problem with your computer is that it might just be a little too old to keep the step with the new technology programs that appear. The second thing i think that you could have some kind of viruses malware programs. You should punt an antivirus and if none of this solves your problem format you hard disk and install a new and fres copy of windows. Good luck!
@tambdy (1969)
22 Dec 06
You need to provide more information what type of pc processor etc. is the pc only running slowly when online or is it taking a while to switch the pc on.?