Suddenly single?

December 22, 2006 3:50am CST
my freind recently got divorced from a woman who constantly cheated him despite his efforts to keep their marriage together. Now he finds himself out there searching for love and finding it difficult to believe or trust in any woman for fear of the same thing happening again. after a few months,It seems he have found love again, but he also found some scary things out about the woman he has been dating. She seems lovely and tells him that she loves hm, but then she says we need to take it slowly. The first night they were together,. Afterward, she said she is not looking for anything serious. Was he just being used to fulfill her desires? She also asked him whether he would ever do swinging. he said “no.” She said she would because marriage gets too boring, and things need to be spiced up from time to time. his heart and gut tell him to take a step back before going any further with this woman, but he is confused and hurt. She says she divorced her husband after he cheated on her, but his doubts about her and her morals are upsetting. Please help!
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