December 22, 2006 3:54am CST
though it looks very simple, do you know how ride and varied is the meaning of the word Nature? when we say that nature has given us trees, fruits and flowers, Nature denotes the non-human physical world. we call gales, storms and floods natural calamities. here nature represents a destructive force. when we say that the fragrance of a rose is the gift of nature. it implies nature's bene-volence. thus we ca see that nature is creative, benevolent and at the same time destructive. Nature is responsible for the formation of mountains and valleys, rivers and oceans and so on. It is nature that has given shape to everything on this earth. It controls the climate on this plant. It influences the behaviour of all living creatures. Nature is beautiful it is rhythmic. It is the supreme power that controls the entire universe Nature has inspired poets, painters and musician. Light and shadow have caught the fancy of great painters like |Sri John Constable. The english poet wordsworth poems on objects in nature like The daffodils Musicians have listened to the melody in the sounds of nature and composed music that recreates these sounds
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