December 22, 2006 4:06am CST
what do u think about co - education . give sugetions to improve invirounment in co-education.
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• United States
3 Apr 07
I think co-education (combined boys and girls) is better than exclusive education (all-girls or all-boys). This is because there are equal opportunities betwen the two genders (as far as my experience goes, since I've experienced both types) and there's a greater chance at developing better social interaction. This said, it's a good suggestion to enhance equal opportunities for both genders via school programs and activities, student government, and the like; and thus develop a better social interaction. It should be a democratic environment where students would be free to express their thoughts within the bounds of propriety, of course.
@Bunny2 (2102)
• Australia
25 Mar 07
I went to an all girl high school and my husband went to an all boy high school. We both feel we missed out socially as when we started university we were both daunted by the social aspects. Because of that we decided our boys would go to co-educational schools. My eldest son is in university doing a double degree in law and science at Melbourne's most prestigious university - so he definitely hasn't suffered for it. My twin sons are doing year 12 - final year before university - they are both very clever but have steady relationships with girlfriends - and I worry whether they will do as well as they could as they are equally clever as their brother. But even if they'd gone to an all boys school there is no guarantee that they wouldn't have girlfriends and would be more school-focussed. I do wonder if I would feel differently if I had girls rather than boys.
@arun00712 (195)
• India
22 Mar 07
co education helps in understanding both boys and girls. we can make group discussions to improve their understanding capabilities.
• India
2 Feb 07
weelll .. i think co education .. gives us ... the support to do well well as competition and other then that gives us ... confidence ... in talkin; n all so i think c0-education is one of the best thing , and it has to be ..there in all ... but the things always has to be under limitations , then its fine ... don't take bad subject in order to spoil your repo.
• United States
23 Dec 06
I don't think dorms should be co ed. But in the classroom, it doesn't matter. You just need to get a good education.