why do americans think they are superior

@humaaaa (1392)
December 22, 2006 4:14am CST
is that because they are attitutive. no one has rights over any one, why America?
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@ilunice (947)
• Netherlands
23 Dec 06
Well I think nature endowed America (as a nation and not as an idividual) with leadership position in virtually all works of live. This is my own opinion please and it has nothing to do with prejudice or biassedness to other nations. As a leaders, one thing is to be confident and have positive disposition to every situations be it good or bad. In addition, leaders always seek challenges and look for opportunities to prove a logical point. When a leader confidently seek challenges so as to effect positive change, others might see such person as being arrogant or making himself superior over others. Anyway, it all depends on the way you view it but one thing I come to realize is that he who plays the piper will always dictate the the tune and even the pace.
• Hong Kong
23 Dec 06
I don't think Americans think they are better than every one,I think it's just the stereotype on Americans.