From the Gates of Death and Back.

December 22, 2006 5:49am CST
After the shocking event that has changed my Life. they have told me to write it all down as a process at my catharasis and part of my PTSD therapy I am now a lonely man, a man who has confined himself to two boxes of existence, Home or more like a hotel and my shop, where I mostly seem to kill time, rather than anything else. They say many have experienced the same.. But I ask how can that be....? they were not in my place. Nor I in their....! So Like I could not experience ,what they did,they could not experience what I did..? Yes.....our narration...and explanations may have some common grounds.But still , Each Experience is unique, and cannot be repeated.When My body was down there,on the operation table, and they were taking out the Bomb splinters,the world was left to a single singularity. yes singularity.,that comes closest to what I experienced,a single dot like All was pitch dark.But amazingly i could see, all the dots were moving, with precision,in predetermined way,on their predermined paths. And some one spoke from Behind, What did he said....? No it was not Urdu, English or even Arabic, some unknown language.!! But I understood,I didn't have to reply, that being understood me. Then more of the same, and then things got closer. I saw, seven dots, four whites. I recognized them,they were my wife,and my children, three more..... One RED .... Blood red..... the other White and Red....and the third.... it was changing colour all the time, they were my Bussiness partners.Just like their natures,their colours told me All Then the it was a bigger One. It was my maternal grandfather,I was too young when he died.I was never closed to him, and honestly ,after his death I never even remembered him But he was there,then more dots emerged from his back, My fraternel grandfather, a couple of friends who died young. Then It was all black again, I was lying their on the Operation table,and the doctor,there were three of them. Had amazed looks on their faces. My body was lying there,I was hovering above,.and saw my bodie's lips move, it was telling them something.....English I presume....[ my mother tounge is Punjabi not english] .... and they with astonished looks were taking out the splinters from.... where my BODY was telling them to look........ Then again a bolt of White was too bright... I closed my Eyes.... and the next thing I found myself.....Outside the operation table..... I could not see.... I had lost an eye......and people were hurrying around..... ....and then I fell asleep....And when I woke up... I was in the Lady Wellington Hospital Peshawar....or some thing like that..... and I those who were near me..... they should have taken me to the CMH Rawalpindi.... that would have been not only Close.... but a better place than this Mess.....called Hospital.... The next Three months of My Life were Like Hell..... But later on that..
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
22 Dec 06
wow that is very interesting, I have heard thing sort of thing before, I will look forward to your next chapter....
• Pakistan
22 Dec 06
No it is actually Painfull for me, to recount these events again. But I had to do it, for my own sake.