Coal (charcoal) fired jet engine

@tiamat (114)
United States
December 22, 2006 6:31am CST
I had an idea, bear with me for a charcoal fired jet engine. The engine would draw in lump charcoal, grind it to a fine powder, and inject it along with compressed air, into the combustion chamber. I will post my drawings later once I have drawn them. No doubt the machine would be totally impractical, due to difficulties in treatinga fine powder as a fluid, especially coal dust. not to mention the fact that the whole thing would be a giant dust bomb waiting to go off. I have heard of stirling engines, hot bulb, and hot tube engines running off of coal dust and even black powder, so as a thought experiment, I am trying to draw out a charcoal powered jet engine. If anyone has ever heared of such a thing seen it, mused on it, designed or built it, please post here.
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