Britney spears

@luvgold (264)
December 22, 2006 8:39am CST
Britney spears that now unlike britney spears that previously..she is so shy
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@lauriefnp (5112)
• United States
22 Dec 06
You're right- I can remember when Britney first became popular. She was 15 or 16 years old, and my niece was 12 years old and idolized her! At that time, Britney was an ambitious, talented, fun-to-watch and listen to teen-aged pop idol. She seemed to be quiet, reserved, mature, and a good influence or "idol" for the kids. I guess that fame and money ruined her, didn't it? I think that now she's surrounded by more scandal than Madonna was in the 1980's, and that is not a compliment to either one of them.
@luvgold (264)
• Indonesia
25 Dec 06
Thx for your comment
@doccolin (179)
• Romania
26 Feb 07
kind of but not really she has now become more independent and she knows what she wants
@ashjoe76 (1434)
• India
14 Jan 07
Hello all, let poor Britney take her time to sort things out. Won't you let a 1 year old to have her own choices, to grow up the way she wants, to go through the unavoidable phases in her life. And, think of it, how many of us would be able to manage with money and fame the perfect way? :)
@steveblue (129)
• Indonesia
14 Jan 07
i think she's gonna be wilder than previously.
@diansinta (7550)
• Indonesia
14 Jan 07
yeah .. people change aren't we all she just created an image there.
• Italy
11 Jan 07
yeah I remember!! When she came out I was totally amazed by her! She looked so fresh, nice and sweet! Now she's so different!
• India
10 Jan 07
yes u r absolutely rite
@utsadetti (4589)
• United States
26 Dec 06
that's right.
@agusfebi (813)
• Indonesia
23 Dec 06
yeah very changes ..she look bad gurl