If you had to create a new reality

December 22, 2006 9:01am CST
not a new world but a new set of rules which governed and defined reality, what would you change, what would your rules be?
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@aiguy01 (589)
• United States
31 Jan 07
Karma would be more immediate and amplified. If you did evil to someone it would be returned to you quickly like within a week and it would be twice as bad as what you did to the other person. People would quickly learn the cost of evil. Peoples good karma would manifest itself in physical beauty as well. Beautiful people could not be secretly evil being waiting to tear your heart out. Countries would have collective karma. Those that practiced good would be blessed with beautiful weather and no natural disasters and those that were evil would have terrible weather and many disasters.
1 Feb 07
What a wonderful idea. Ideally, people would see harm to others as harm to themselves already but as they don't, your idea would quickly teach them to. The beautiful people thing I particularly like as I am terrible for being completely blinded by physical beauty. I turn into a complete idiot around really beautiful people! I actually saw this on a British comedy called Red Dwarf. Its a kind of sci-fi comedy set in a spaceship and they had an episode where they were on a planet with a Justice system which worked by inflicting any harm done to others immediately on oneself - so if you hit someone, you felt the pain rather than them. Its a shame we can't put it into practice. I suppose the only problem with it is that it would interfere with free will so much. People may begin to feel like automatons if their free will was impeded to such an extent.