Have you heard about why a chicken omelette is the cruelest food in this planet?

December 22, 2006 11:44am CST
Okay, it was part of a comedians act and I never thought about it before but it's true! To make a chicken omelette, you first farm chickens. You raise the chicken to lay it's eggs for you. Once she does, you take it's offspring away from her. Then, you cut the chickens head off and use the meat. Once you've killed the mother, you then take her babies and crack the embryos into a skillet. You chop up the mother, and mix her meat into an omelette of her children that you forced her to have and eat them both together. I don't think I want to eat a chicken omelette EVER AGAIN! (Good thing chicken omelettes don't really do it for me)
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