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United States
December 22, 2006 1:10pm CST
a good friend of yours is seeing a person whom your friend absolutely loves/adores and is able to see them spending the rest of their life with this person. Your friend has found the one. BUT.. this person your friend is seeing has no ambition, no drive, no motivation, no dreams, no need to better their life. This person seems satisified working their job, living in a small place, focused on paying off debts and that's it. This person is also in love with your friend, but doesn't want to commit. now, your friend is going to school trying to better their life because your friend has a child and is trying to do the single parent thing. Your friend is very motivated to better their life for themselves and their child.. and there are times when the person your friend is seeing says "when you get rich, we'll do this.." or "when you get rich and famous, we'll be able to afford do to that". what would you tell your friend?
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• Canada
22 Dec 06
If she loves him you can't make that guy go away ! Or what If this guy get some brain after get gets with your friend! PEACE...
• United States
23 Dec 06
thank you for responding. I will pass the message.
@MySpot (2602)
• United States
23 Dec 06
I am the type of person who is easily contented too... I think people like that are thankful for what they have and don't always feel like 'the grass is greener on the other side of the fence'.... which isn't a bad thing. This type of person is usually happy and satisfied. Often, opposites really do attract and for good reason, I think. This way both parties can learn from one another and have something totally new and different to offer. There is a balance to a relationship of opposites. I think I'm a good friend and if my friend is in a happy healthy relationship then he/she has all of my support. I'm not sure if I like the comments ("when you get rich and famous, we'll be able to afford do to that") and would keep an eye open to make sure that they aren't being used.