Have You Ever Met With an Accident?

@rakleen (566)
September 24, 2006 11:17pm CST
My accident was with a girl.......and now she is my WIFE.....What a coincidence.
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29 Sep 06
That's quite amazing actually ;) I haven't actually, yet :P
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28 Sep 06
My bf...soon to be my baby's daddy! I knew him for about 2 yrs before we even went out... My friends and I would go hang out with him and his friends. The only reason we would go is so they would buy us drinks...well one of the times we went out I had a bf. He knew him...they would hang out together every now and then. Well that night I wanted him so bad but of course couldn't cause i was taken...we were both drunk anyway...well months and months later..i was single again and he was single...well he was kinda...i called him up and asked him to go out.....we went to a bar and hung out for a while....after that night we talked every day....saw eachother most of the week and would go out 2-3 tiimes a week....I truly believe that things were meant to happen as they happened...We are now living together....and expecting a baby......we planned the baby....