December 22, 2006 4:54pm CST
hi people. do u know that dreams has meanings. Example- 1)if u see a snake it means that you have an enemy. 2)if snake bites you it means thatthe enery will harmm you. 3)if you kill the snake it means that your enemy cant harm you. Every dream has its corresponding meaning. I have a sound knowledge bout this. SO if anyone needs any help regarding this topic feel free to ask me. Regards
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• Indonesia
22 Dec 06
But I think it depends on where do you gets the interpretation. Cause in my culture , the meaning of dreams like that is not like that. When a snake bite us, it means there is somebody admire us/adore us or have become our secret admire:D:D
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• India
22 Dec 06
No thats wrong dear. Snake is always associated with bad signs
@Roseate (185)
• Lebanon
23 Dec 06
Well...I don't know why,but I do believe of such a thing....it is true...you can't explain how but it is!
• India
3 Jan 07
its true. u r correct
• United States
22 Dec 06
I just dont believe in dreams meening anything. I just think they are a nice interactive movie while you are sleeping =)Its kinda wiered to think that some of the dreams would actually mean anything. like I have had a dream that I was just driving and driving, until I fell off the road, and fell for awhile and woke up. It was a pretty boring and wierd dream, that I dont think has any meening at all.