Does anyone can please explain to me the "Theory of Relativity"?..

@ddnj2006 (652)
December 22, 2006 9:13pm CST
I'm curios about it. They say it was near to be finished until that Eistein died and so till the present no one tries to figure it out and it's the reason it was still considered a theory. What it interest me is that, it says with this theory it relates everything even on whatever angle of mathematics, science, etc. But really, i don't simply know what is it, can anyone tell it to me?
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2 Jan 07
on philosophical ground i feel it to be true, eg.we both r mylot members but we share our thoughts n feelings on this place.i mean every thing happening has a reason n relation to each u ask the things which disturb ur thoughts n we other members answer them n mylot has become the via media to share them