Fear of Flying

United States
December 22, 2006 9:34pm CST
I have the biggest fear of flying and would really like some ideas of how to get over this. I want to go to Jamaica and I just cant bring myself to get on a plane. Has anyone one else been thru this and got over the fear on their own?
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• United States
4 Mar 09
I used to have a big big problem with flying. Would be just sick for days before & until the plane landed! I so know what you mean. I used to get an Rx from my doctor just to help me relax and calm a bit. Eventually I did overcome the fear. Here are some things I still do and now... I can actually fall asleep before the plane even leaves the ground. I try to sit where I can see the flight attendants. By watching them carry on with their business as usual - I know they are not scared & they do this all so they should know. I also do not put my feet on the floor. Sounds silly but it helps. By putting my feet either on my carry on bag or on the bar of the chair in front of me,I do not feel the vibrations of the plane & that helps as well. When the captain announces that turbulence is a possibility - that helps a LOT- I wish they would all l announce that. Just to know that they are aware of it helps to prepare me when it does go less than smooth. Just knowing they know & are prepared & are preparing us too. A magazine, a crossword puzzle, a good seat companion - anything to take your mind off the flight are good too. I try to take a magazine with good short articles to read.Often though, I find I don't need the distractions - because I do fall asleep now. Easily. Good luck & I hope your fears lessen because they are very real & very hard to understand to anyone that never has been scared of flying. Have a great time in Jamaica!