Did you Go to school with girls like the ones in Mean Girls?

United States
December 23, 2006 1:32am CST
I was just wondering if anyone had girls like this in the school they attended. I can honestly say that none of the girls I went to school with were that viscious. The popular girls didn't go out of their way to be mean to those who were not so popular.
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• United States
16 Jan 07
I can honestly say none of the girls I went to high school with were this mean and vicious. Not the popular girls anyway. There were some people who weren't really popular (at least how these girls were), who plotted vicious things and did really mean things to people, but they usually weren't to random people, just their own friends. Speaking of girls like this though, I do live near McKinney, TX, and I don't know if anyone heard about those girls (the cheerleaders), but they apparently were meaner than the girls in mean girls. Has anyone heard about this? I know it was on the news, but I'm not sure how public this story went.
@roxified (90)
• Philippines
13 Jan 07
way back when i was in highschool, there was a group of girls who were just like the mean girls. yeah, they were popular but hey they're not that gorgeous. they were just intimidating. and all they ever did was bully the lower class because they wanna feel superior. bullying other people doesnt make you famous. it will just give you a bad impression. mean girls dont deserve any attention. LOL
@harivinod (781)
• India
23 Dec 06
i don't know