A funny thing

December 23, 2006 3:01am CST
And there was another funny thing. Pi Kaqiu is a very famous animal in a cartoon. Most of children in China know it. One day I asked my classmates a riddle: Why is Yao Ming afraid of Pi Kaqiu. The first student said:“ Because Pi Kaqu can discharge.” The second one said that Pi Kaqiu is too short.” And then the third one answered:“ First, Pi Kaqiu isn’t a real animal in the world. Second, it’s too small.” Afterwards, I asked a girl. She said:“ Pi Kaqiu is too small. If it aggresses Yao Ming, Yao Ming will not see it. So Yao Ming is afraid of it.” Finally, I asked a boy, he is the best one of the Maths mid-term exam. After I asked him, he asked me:“Who is Pi Kaqiu?” Oh, my god. He doesn’t know Pi Kaqiu! I was so surprised!
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