Men are weaker than women emotionally?

December 23, 2006 3:08am CST
Some said that men are weaker than women emotionally! Do you agree? Please comment.
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• India
27 Jul 10
Some men are more weak than women emotionally but not all, there are many men who are emotionally very strong, welcome to mylot.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Professor
@men82in (1270)
• India
25 Feb 07
Mens instantly show their emotion and bp easily without thinking of the next step or future. Whereas women showers charmy socialistic approach towards future life and incidents of any nature. We can see the politics and research fields. Showing or evoking out emotion or bp or angry or hungry make a human's weakness . By keeping all emotions in the heart and leads the life peacefully is possible only by women due to their additional adremonial theory.
@chiyosan (30206)
• Philippines
23 Dec 06
i think they are not as strong as woman. see, if a man gets depressed, at the same time a woman is, i think the woman will recover faster...
@paulnet (748)
• India
23 Dec 06
yaa you are right they are weaker than women emotionally
@jade01 (803)
• Australia
23 Dec 06
ummmmm NO us women are stronger then you think. Mentaly and emotionaly we put up with and cope with more then you realize