September 25, 2006 4:17am CST
There are lots of forms in which exploitaion is being done.Exploitation in the working environment is a big issue to discuss.Whether it is man or women exploitation is common factor.People say that women are being exploited more frequently than men.It is also an issue to have discussion.There are various kinds of exploitation.Exploitation by physical means,mental means as well as social means,racial means,strata means and by emotional means.Whether it's a small company,A small institution or big corporate companies.It just changes it's mask.Sometimes a question comes to my mind what are the causes of this big disease which prevails in each and every country,in each and every city,No place remains aloof from it's infections.Is it a general tendency in the humans that to graw or to come up in life they need to suppress other human beings.Darwin says that those species which are powerful can survive.But sometimes it is difficult to believe.As many philosophers have said that if you want to graw then start helping other people,start listning their problems rather than suppressing that.It is an obvious rule for spiritual growth in certain streams of philosophy.But the main question still arises other questions as how to deal with any kind of exploitation.
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