Star position?

December 23, 2006 4:22am CST
Hi, I was wondering about something... If two different photographers, at two different times of the year, took a picture of the night sky, from two different locations - would the stars they see be in the same positions? I believe that it would not be possible, and my reason for that claim is because the stars shift positions (relative to the observer) on a nightly and seasonal basis. This question came after a photo was posted of the Milky Way shining above a cabin - which was taken with a standard digital slr camera, which I claimed was not real. I then overlayed a popular image of the Milky Way found on the net to the photo that was posted, and all stars lined up on one another and were in the same proportions/distances to each other. Others say that isn't so, and that the night sky remains the same and could be photographed identically by two different people on different nights. Any thoughts?
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• Pakistan
24 Dec 06
y u r always about stars and difficult qs...